About Stephen

Stephen Appel lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is a librarian, GIS expert, Geographer, coder, and believes in not being a jerk. In his free time, he’s hanging out with his cat Sputnik, playing video games, hiking, biking, camping, cooking, or, most likely, getting distracted.

My Job

Stephen is the Geospatial Information Librarian at the American Geographical Society Library –a map and geography special collection at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries.

Somewhere at the intersection of Geographic Information Science, Information Literacy, and Digital Humanities, you will find Stephen using GIS, Geography, and spatial data to answer questions, help people, and understand our world.

You can check out my official UWM profile page.


Wisconsin Old Fashioned

  • Muddle an orange slice, some bar cherries with syrup, and bitters in the bottom of a large glass

  • Fill the glass with ice

  • Add a large serving or 2 of Brandy (nothing fancy)

  • Finish with a splash of 7-Up or Squirt